Company Description

Company Description

H-Asia is a premier mobility solutions provider, and a strong distributor of mobile phones, providing end-to-end solutions for brand principals, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Our distribution network spans countries located all over the world, with local representatives of each country providing their expertise in handling every step of the distribution process; from logistics to marketing and sales. We have a very strong presence in emerging markets (Asia and Southeast Asia), which widens our geographical coverage beyond our borders. Through such networks, we are more than capable of catering to retailers and end-users worldwide

Marketing Management:

Our arsenal of knowledge of markets that are located across regions and international boundaries gives you an enhanced overview and outlook on the demand of products that you wish to sell.


We give you an insight into how we can help you manage every product’s life cycle at every step of the way.


We also make recommendations in employing and executing different modes of sales for different purposes of retail, for example in-shop, online, through operators or corporate means

We act as a bridge between end-user enquiries and a wide resource of solutions.

Technical repair work that extends beyond product training is also one of our competencies – we are capable of managing service centre operations that provide end-users with helpful solutions almost immediately.

Our expertise in dealing with the wide variety of products gives us the capabilities in dealing with commonly encountered problems.



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